My name is Dušan Čežek and this is my vanity page. I am an ideamaker emerged from art director. I come back to this page from time to time to look how awesome I was during the last 12 years I have spent in advertising. 

I have worked for Leo Burnett, Saatchi&Saatchi, NOA, Kaspen/Jung Von Matt and VCCP Prague. Today, I co-own Fuchs+Dachs studio with my wife and together we are focusing on freelance advertising work, digital content and game design. 


When people ask, or not, I am telling them anyway, that I am focusing on experience advertising, product development and problem solving. They do not know what I am talking about and I feel smart. I hate advertising without problem solving. Also, I am not fond of separation of digital and traditional advertising. Find some other way to charge the fucken client. And no. I am not filling that timesheet. 

I have won so many industry awards and I was published by more than 25000 magazines, blogs and publications. I have participated @ TEDx Chicago and Athens and I had more than 50 international art exhibitions including FILE festival, NY Times square installation, DMY Berlin festival and the City of Ravenna Art Academy and Gallery... I had several viral videos with  25 million youtube views on a single content. What  a nice awardsturbation I just had. And since you are lazy to read, here is the visual representation of the achievement I was telling you about:

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Granny Jela's SHILJUR

In order to promote our new digital agency to Croatian market we have created an unique HR campaign to invite people who think in a digital way.

Back in the days when QR code was new and it was not used by brands as a part of traditional print add to show how digital they are, people still wondered what it is for and how to used it. We wanted to reach people who knew what QR code was and to introduce QR code to the Croatian market, but with a unique name. 

National TV station in Croatia had a short documentary series about forgotten crafts and how those crafts survive in modern day Croatia. We used that channel and we have created our own documentary you can watch above. 

If you scan any of the Qr codes from the video it was leading you to a page of our agency with a message: MAYBE WE NEED YOU - APPLY NOW. 

Name Shiljur was voted the one of the best new Croatian words that year and we have recieved more than 200 cpplications. 

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Man who knows how to watch

You know those moments when you are watching your favourite sport team loosing. Yes those moments when you question everything, even your-self. Actually, you are right - you are the reason why they suck. More precisely - you watching the game.

When you leave the room to stand in the hallway in hope that when you come back to the TV they will stop sucking and start winning. And it happens, they are better while you are away but the moment you are back, they suck again... 

The man who knows how to watch doesn't have those thoughts. He simply knows how to watch and he is the reason of all loses and wins during a season. He is the guy who can make a difference. 

Heineken is a proud sponsor of those special men and women. We will bring them into bars, with special seat, special beer and while you are behind them, your bad mojo doesn't count. You can even watch online games through our online channels over his digital shoulder. 

Country wide we are planing to launch search for those special people and introduce them as official Heineken watchers of every match for every football team. They are the one who compete, skill of the team has nothing to do with it. 

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Small personal project done for the Serbian elections. We have launched the facebook page, published the project, the page became one of the fastest growing pages in the world until it reached the government and was removed from the facebook after 5 days.

EGO bricks - the only brick sets with decontruction manual. 

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First Night Survival Fridge for AirBnB

Small activation service for AirBnB.

Ah those first nights. You travel from time to time, but you cannot call yourself a traveler. You have heard that AirBnB is cool, so you used it, but that first night when you arrive. Where to eat? What store will not rip you off? Where to exchange your money? 

Don't worry. We got you covered. Just select with package you would love and the small red fridge will be delivered straight to your AirBnB accommodation.

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Silent Chips app for NETFLIX

You love to chew chips and watch movies. But that sound. Oh my god that terrible sound which makes you miss important parts of the movie. 

Don't worry, Chio Chips is making things work for you. Just install Chio NETFLIX app and watch your favourite movie or Tv show. Our app modulates the sound of the content you are watching not to interfere with the chips sound. 

Now just push play and enjoy your #silentchips

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BURN Firebrand

Firebrand is an unique platform which merges physical locations with digital content. It is making a real life branding without branding. It makes any location brand playground and creates unique experience. 

Just imagine that any park is your concert hall, or any lake is activation to get some venue tickets, any mountain is your band point or any private house is your club.

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JEEP RENEGADE - Unsharable Locations

Jeep Renegade is a modern adventure car. It is made for young people in mind. modern explorers. But how to activate those people offline when they basically live online?

We have created the unique activation perfectly suited for that target group. Modern day explorers. Populate digital world with offline content. Reach physical location which was never before shared online or geotagged. Be the first one to conquer #unsharableplace.

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BMW - Test Drive Tunnel

People don't believe that electric cars are the same or even better than the traditional gasoline ones. Especially they believe that they will never get used to the sound of the electric cars. That is why many car makers are investing huge budgets into the design of the specific sound for their electric cars.

In order to promote the electric line from BMW we have invented a special test drive focused only on an awesome sound of the new BMW i series, by using an old and traditional media.

When you enter the tunnel, the radio signal is lost. That is where we jump in and on all frequencies we were playing the sound of the BMW i8 engine turning your old car into the electric sport machine. 

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Volvo - HOME SAFE navigation upgrade

Christmas. It is that time of the year when everyone is rushing home to their loved ones. But speeding and bad weather and heavy traffic do not mix very well. 

Since VOLVO stands for safety we have created the Safe dive home navigation upgrade for Volvo navigation systems.

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Carlsberg - The Nightlife Challenge

How to make a Carlsberg Swiss new age party with the whole country as an organiser and a guest at the same time?

This is how.

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How to create the biggest DJ competition in the world?

18 finalists, 6 mentors, 3 clubs, and 1 dream: burn residency, the experience of a lifetime, is back!

Follow our budding young DJs as they battle it out for summer-long placements at Sankeys, Cafe Mambo and Privilege in Ibiza.

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Breast Cancer prevention  - 15 minutes

This TVC is very important for me since this was the first big thing I did in advertising. With a little help of my colleagues from Leo Burnett I have managed to sell and execute this TVC idea, and even to direct it. 

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STAROBRNO - Blue rotation light activation

In order to celebrate the KOMETA, beloved hockey club from Brno, beer Starobrno created the special activation for all Brno citizens where the hockey team celebrated every goal with the fans. 

We have installed special vending machines all around Brno city. Beer was free but you could not get any of it unless KOMETA scores.

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Revolutionary way to rate NSFW content - #FAPP

Visiting porn web sites you just dont want to touch mouse or keyboard. There is a lot of hate and too much love. So how to properly rate the NSFW content? 

We have introduced FAPPs - most accurate ratting app. 

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When Telenor wanted to launch Djuice, youth sub brand, to Montenegro, this how they did it with our help. 

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Not so traditional Launch of the traditional product. 

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Jafforidza Integrated Campaign case study

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