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where the hell am i?

We are Fuchs+Dachs, a creative studio from Prague, and this is our crib. We are two people, Sanja & Dušan Čežek, with very diverse creative backgrounds. We share ideals, dreams, visions and love for internet profanity. Picky as we are, we managed to gather many talented and unique creatives, whom we frequently collaborate with. We are not illustrators, or web designers, game designers or advertisers, storytellers or technologists, filmmakers or artists, vegans or carnivores, boys or girls, sex addicts or good christians.

We tend to be all of above and then some, gluten free.


What will you give me?

Experiences are the new assets to acquire and whoever is the most individual wins. Therefore we are focusing to deliver unique content for our clients, strongly rooted in the core of the the brand experience and genuine human insights and some drugs, when needed, on a boat with a dwarf captain, Siberian tiger and a little bit of pure love.