We are creating our Talent-List! Join our team.

Ok so friends fellows designers / illustrators / photographers / animators, we are putting up a list of the collaborators on some of the possible future projects. So in case you are in need of a freelance job from time to time. The only thing we'd like to make clear is that all projects, art direction and style are supervised by our studio. We need people who love doing their job and are good at handling stress.We will work through signed contract, and pay according to the project size and description, not by the hour.

Priorities would be /
- web designers, app designers, logo and branding.
- illustrators that have one or more styles (+) 
- fashion photographers
- but if you're something else, you're welcome.

In case you are fine with all stated, please leave the link to your portfolio or a portfolio of a talented friend, here: sanjchek@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to put you on our list of possible collaborators in the future since we are very eager to make some cool shit. 

We are quite 'picky' about the jobs - because...we can.
Head on to the About page if you wanna know more about our team leaders.

Cheers & thanks a bunch!

Yours friendly,
Fuchs+Dachs Team

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