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As we have already mentioned, or not... We are not another studio/agency that holds hostage bunch of artists sitting at their desks thinking how to leave us. That being said, means that we are actually someone who cares about the quality of our work and level of satisfaction, both behind and in front of it. Naturally, this is something someone sometimes recognizes and appreaciates so they invite us for an exhibition, pop-up party or a workshop. Feel free to follow up on our happenings and join us wherever you are. We're very friendly, vaccinated and don't bite. We bite only the ones who step on our tail though, sorry. 




skövde, sweden

The Ministry of Broadcast
17-20th of October, 2018

One of the places we always wanted to showcase our work is most definitely the Northern parts of the World, where Art is taken as a necessary part of everyday life. Naturally it means that we are very honoured that this year, together with our partners Twin Petes,  we will be presenting  our game "The Ministry of Broadcast" game demo (web is under construction atm) & our brand new collectable figure that will be available for the preorder at spot. See you at SWEDEN GAME ARENA, in Skövde, Sweden on 17th of October! <3 




The Ministry of Broadcast
20-23rd of September, 2018

We are proud to announce that we were invited to participate at TOKYO GAME SHOW and to showcase our latest game Ministry Of Broadcast. Visit us at Czech Republic booth and try the new demo, chat with us, give us your feedback and collect some sweet march! We will also announce our new collectable figure and give you a chance to preorder it for a special price. That way you can support our game and show us some love. C ya and ありがとう!



vicenza, italy

EXHIBITION at Galerie Summertime
13th of June, 2018

Gallerie Summertime is an art show that will take place in summer at Gallerie d’Italia at Palazzo Leoni Montanari.
Ever since one of our co-founders went viral with two of his pixel art projects in 2014, we've been deeply buried into pixel games. Thanks to this occasion and thanks to other games that are currently working on, we have been invited to be the part of an exhibition in Vicenza, that will take place on Wednesday, 13th of June at Gallerie Summertime in Vicenza, Italy. 

This lovely exhibition is organized and currated by the amazing Ale Giorgini, who is also an illustrator and curator of ILLUSTRI, an italian illustrators society founded in 2013. Illustri Festival is a biennial event that takes place in the historical centre of Vicenza (north of Italy).



Brno, czech rep.

The Ministry of Broadcast
1-3. of May, 2018

In collaboration with the Twin Petes development studio from Brno, we are proud to say we have been responsible for the art part of new game "The Ministry of Broadcast". Meet us at the "Game Access '18" in Brno and try out our demo for the first time.
We'll have our stand and in case you're not interested in playing or investing, just come and say 'hi'.

UPDATE: Our game won BEST GAMEPLAY and it was nominated for BEST ART (top 3 games). 

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dubrovnik, croatia

The Ministry of Broadcast game
19-21. April, 2018

In collaboration with the Twin Petes development studio from Brno, we are proud to say we have been responsible for the art part of new game "The Ministry of Broadcast". This spring you will have a chance to try the first very much playable demo, we have managed to create in just few months. 


Join us at Dubrovnik Riviera at Sheraton Hotel for the amazing gaming experience. 
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Prague, cZECH REP.

28th of February 2018

In 2015, we have published our first series of handmade vinyl toys. The series caused our Behance account to go crazy and we managed to sold out the first 20 pieces of each figure within just few months after launching. This year, we made our comeback and re-produced the second serie, which will be showcased at our first pop-up event, happening in Prague, where we will present our vinyl handmade toys & promo tees. We'll party hard, share and discuss our art. 

Also, after this, you will be able to buy our Studio Tees and Toys at NeverEnough store, located in Prague 2.